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About Us
Erin Foster
Founder/ Photographer
My name is Erin. I am a mother, a wife, I am a little quirky, a lover of children and animals, a master at Temple Run on my iphone, and if you want to bribe me the best way is with a Starbucks grande iced vanilla cappuccino(hint hint)!!
I wish I could say I was one of those people who came out of the womb with a camera in my hand, however, that is not the case. I have always loved documenting my life through photos, but that typically consisted of a disposable point and shoot, and printing at walmart.  After the devastating loss of my daughter, Rosalynn, my husband bought me my first DSLR in order to help me channel my grief into something productive. I quickly realized I wanted to learn EVERYTHING I could about photography. I forced my coworkers and friends into impromptu photo sessions, I begged and pleaded everyone I knew to let me shoot them, and suddenly I decided life was too short to be working in a profession I only semi-loved, and jumped in head first into starting a profession I TRULY LOVED. I quit my full time job at The Ohio State Medical Center and Irish Eyes Photography was born.
My hope is when my clients leave a session, they feel as if we are friends. I want to capture those true moments, the true emotions. I want the experience to be enjoyable to the point that even the men are wanting to come back...because let's face it, we have to twist their arms to get in front of a camera most times:-)
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Photo Credit to Laura Enright Photography

Adam Dell
Media Director/ Videographer
Greetings, My name is Adam. I have been studying I.T and Media for over a decade, and worked with a company based in Wapakoneta, OH for five years. I served multiple positions for the company including Technical Director, Replay Director, Editor, and more. Doing this job I gained valuable expereince in Wedding Videography, Sports Broadcasting, and DVD Production.
In 2013 I joined Irish Eyes Photography as Media Director, and it's been such an amazing experience working here. I look forward to working with Erin and meeting new people and clients. I love this job and am so excited to see where this endeavor takes me. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 

Irish Eyes Media

Photo Credit to Irish Eyes Photography



Irish Eyes Photography creates portraits of your newborn baby. Newborn photography sessions are done within the first few weeks of baby's birth. It is important to schedule your newborn portrait session during your pregnancy.
A Newborn photographer requires skill, patience and perseverance. Irish Eyes Photography Photography uses specific techniques required to capture the true essence of a newborn baby. Irish Eyes Photography, style and personality have enabled her to connect with newborn babies in central Ohio and their families. Irish Eyes Photography is in demand as a Columbus Ohio newborn photographer due to her ability to work with infants and her impressive attention to detail.
Irish Eyes is a professional newborn photographer located in central Ohio. Irish Eyes newborn photography captures portraits of newborn babies in suburban central Ohio. Erin works in New Albany, Ohio. Her clients are located in Upper Arlington, Bexley, Dublin, Westerville, Worthington, Gahanna, Hilliard, Powell, Lewis Center, Columbus, Johnstown, Pickerington, and at The Ohio State University.


Columbus Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer
Irish Eyes Photography creates portraits of high school seniors. Irish eyes is aprofessional high school senior portrait photographer located in central Ohio. irish eyes senior photography captures portraits of graduating high school seniors in suburban central Ohio. Her clients are located in Upper Arlington, Bexley, Dublin, Westerville, Worthington, Gahanna, Hilliard, Powell, Lewis Center, Columbus, Johnstown, Pickerington, Granville, and at The Ohio State University. Irish Eyes is a boutique photographer in central Ohio. Irish Eyes provides an extraordinary portrait experience exclusive to fashion forward high school seniors. The senior portrait session includes professional makeup and hair styling. Graduation portrait sessions are designed incorporate your style and personality!

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