Minimalistic Newborn Session:: Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer

About two years ago, Ashley, photographer and blogger from Grow Gardner Grow asked me to photographer her sweet Eloise.

So, when Ashley e-mailed me in March, asking me to photograph her second little one, I was thrilled. Eloise's session was one of my favorites, and I even tried (and failed) to recreate it with my son when he was born. It was so simple, and really accentuated the purity of the brief stage of newborn babies. I was even more excited to find out she was due on my birthday!


Well, just like her older sister, Hatsy June was late, and we didn't get to share a birthday. To say she looks just like her older sister, Eloise, would be an understatement. This is why I love repeat clients! Not only do you get to watch a family grow, you get to see similarities, and differences in siblings. Like her older sister, Hatsy was perfectly content with being awake for most of her session. She was more interested in what I was doing, than sleeping. However, she gave me some wonderful sleepy photos with her family, and big sister! Eloise wasn't too sure about holding Hatsy, which can be expected at that age, however, she did a beautiful pose with baby sister sitting. 


We kept the set up simple, like before, expect we added a beautiful mint dress from Dollcake and some mint headbands and layering pieces I picked up or made before the shoot. I am CRAVING spring, and this crazy April snow isn't helping!


I absolutely love how the simple splash of mint and pink was just enough with the simple setup we had, and perfectly tied everything together.