January Rainbow Baby ::Newborn Photographer Columbus, Ohio::

Meet Karmyn!

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How cute is she? Karmyn is the daughter of my cousin, Stacey. She could not have joined our family at a more perfect time! This summer, Stacey’s mom, Michelle, passed away unexpectedly and broke our families heart. It’s been hard watching my cousins grieve her loss, and go through life without their mother.

Not only did Stacey suffer a miscarriage during Christmas, she now had to face her second pregnancy without her mothers advice and support.

However, being the strong young lady Stacey is, she pushed through and welcomed her sweet little girl just shy of a year after the loss of her first pregnancy.

We decided to honor Michelle’s life with a pretty purple heart (Michelle’s favorite color) from Three In The Nest, and used a beautiful rainbow wrap from Chicaboo.

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Miss Karmyn was PERFECT for her session! I jokingly kept telling Stacey I was going to keep her forever because of how wonderful she was! Here are a few more images from her session, and Stacey’s story in her own words.

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Stacey’s Story

It was the middle of December 2017 when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I had just gotten done getting my hair cut when I realized my period was a few days late. I went home and decided to take a pregnancy test. That’s when I saw the two little lines. I freaked out with excitement and video called my best friend on Facebook. We both started crying with joy. I was extremely nervous to tell my fiancé because we weren’t trying. I called him since he was also out getting his hair cut, and frantically asked if he was on his way home yet. He kept asking me what’s wrong what’s wrong and I would just say please come home. I sat on the sofa waiting for him and he came threw the door and asked me what? I said promise not to be mad? He said I promise what is it? And I handed him the pregnancy test. He hugged me and said why would I ever be mad over this? He loved the fact he was going to be a father. Then Christmas Eve came around not long after and I woke up bleeding. I woke Austin up and told him we needed to go to the hospital that something was wrong. We get there and they said that I’m not pregnant that I’m just getting my period. I told them to test me again that I am pregnant and that something is wrong. They did a blood test and they told me that I am actually pregnant, that my hcg levels were dropping. They told me that since my blood type was A- that my blood type fights baby’s with a positive blood type and that sometimes first pregnancy’s don’t make it but the second ones normally do. They did a exam and said the baby hasn’t passed yet so it may have a chance. We went home and spent Christmas Eve with all the family. Next day on Christmas I felt even worse so we went back to the er, the baby was gone. It broke me and Austin. But we wanted a baby so bad now so we had to try again. Then my birthday came around in April and we had friends over to celebrate. Austin said “you should go take a pregnancy test” I said “it’s to early, I don’t think I could be anyways”. He said “just take one.” So I went to the bathroom and took one. And I saw the faintest second line. I didn’t believe it. I thought maybe I’m just seeing things because I want it to be there so bad. So I took a digital. When I saw pregnant on that screen I couldn’t stop crying. I walked out to the living room to show Austin and my best friend. The same one I called with the first baby. Austin gave me a huge hug. We were overwhelmed with joy. I then called my mother. She screamed with excitement! I called my mother almost every day. We had a conversation about what I would name the baby. I told her me and Austin finally agreed on a girl name. That we would name her Carmen. My mom said “let’s make it unique! Let’s spell it Karmyn”. I told her i liked it. She asked me “so what about a middle name?” I said we didn’t know yet. She jokingly said “well what about something with a m? Hmmm. Something like Michelle” (Michelle’s my mother’s name). I told her haha very funny mom. Little did I know that my mom would pass away when I was 14 weeks pregnant. So you win mom, because December 18th, 2018, at 3:36am, I had a beautiful little girl. And her name is Karmyn Michelle Comer.