March Rainbow Baby: Boaz : Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting Bethany a few years ago when she came to the studio while Erin was teaching her a few things about the organization they both volunteer for, Sufficient Grace Ministries. We got to talking, sharing our stories, as most baby loss moms do and eventually became friends on Facebook. Over the last few years, I watched her pregnancy announcements with joy, as they soon turned to sorrow when she would let us know that the pregnancy had ended in miscarriage. I was always impressed with her positive outlook and making sure to celebrate that baby and it’s short time with their family. I always found myself angry after a loss, but Bethany always made sure that baby had it’s own special moment.

So when her family announced their last pregnancy, I naturally held my breath. I had so hoped this would end with a joyous birth of their Rainbow Baby! Not only had they lost a child to Anencephaly, but also had 2 miscarriages. I watched as days turned into weeks and weeks into months and eagerly awaited the newest baby bump picture or update to pop up in my feed. Finally, before Boaz was due, we offered her the rainbow session and I am SO thankful she took us up on that offer! Boaz was just perfect, and allowed me to do whatever I pleased with his session. Below is Bethany’s stories in her own words, and be sure to check out his amazing pictures from his rainbow session!

Bethany’s Story

I had my first son in 2012. He was born with anencephaly. He lived for 1hr 20min. Once he passed we allowed him to participate in organ and whole body donation. His life / death inspired me to get involved in the bereavement community. I founded a 501c3 non-profit to help other parents looking into organ donation, I became a comfort doula and serve with Sufficient Grace as a doula, photographer, and regional coordinator. 
I had my first rainbow in 2014 and my second rainbow in 2016. 
In 2017 I became pregnant again, and sadly, delivered baby Poppy Seed at 6wks via natural miscarriage in December. We became pregnant again very quickly after the miscarriage. Although we had a heartbeat at an early appointment, we later learned baby had stoped developing and no longer had a heartbeat. I ended up delivering via D+C in Feb of 2018. 
After the back to back miscarriages I decided I was DONE being pregnant. My husband however wanted to try one more time. So, after lots of discussion, we ended up getting pregnant again and are now expecting to deliver our rainbow in March!