Families Everywhere: Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer

Tis the season. LOTS AND LOTS of family sessions. Sessions for updating yearly photos of the kids growing, photos for Christmas cards, photos to capture the beautiful fall colors in Ohio, you name it, the families are pouring in this year. 



This particular family I was HONORED to photograph. Leah had the courage to watch my 2 girls along with her 3 kids one day a week through the summer so I could have designated time to work, edit, and keep up with clients. I offered to pay her, but she refused payment. SO in return, I offered to capture her BEAUTIFUL family. Not only did my kids get the pleasure of spending time in her home with her children, but i was blessed to have one on one time with Leah in the morning. She has been in small group with me for over 2 yrs, but small groups you don't get a lot of one on one time with individual members. this gave me the chance to learn sooooo much about her family, her relationship with her husband, AND be one of the first to find out she was expecting her 4th baby!!! (Thanks to my her daughter telling my daughter, and my daughter telling me)



She got a beautiful family session out of the deal, but I think I am the one who ended up getting the most out of the arrangement. I developed a stronger friendship with a beautiful, faith filled woman, my kids became closer to hers, and I got the opportunity to capture the love that this family has for each other. 



Scott and Leah give me hope in relationships. They have been married 14 yrs, and act as if they are still giddy with love for each other. they don't seem to take themselves too seriously. 



Their 3 beautiful children have SUCH different personalities. You can tell just by the photos. From the oober serious middle child , to the goofy youngest, to the protective goofball of a big brother....their personalities shine bright. 



Here are just a few of my favorites from their beautiful gallery.




(well.....maybe more than just a "few")