Family and Children


Time goes too fast……

However, one of the ways to slow it down and even freeze it, is to capture photos of your children and family. A birthday, reunion, or even just to update your family photos, we want to capture your memories and help you hold onto them for years to come.

We want to make sure we capture beautiful family photos that capture each member's personality and how you interact together as a family. We do a combination of posed photos with everyone looking at the camera, and candid photos where you are all interacting together. Children grow fast, whoever coined the phrase "The days are long but the years are short," was NOT lying. They go from snugly newborn babies to full grown teenagers graduating high school in a blink of an eye. We suggest updating your family photos once a year, and we practice what we preach.

We want to make sure your session is a complete success! So we have written some great blogs to help you prepare for your family photo session. Here is a wonderful one on how to pick out your outfits for your session. Coordinating outfits for a family photo shoot can make or break the look of the session. You want them to work with the location, you want them to match but not be identical. You want them to represent your family and also be easy to move and interact with each other during your photo session.

Moms, ever wonder if you should invest in professional hair and makeup? Here is a blog Erin wrote to show why spending a little extra money on this service will help build confidence and make you feel beautiful in the photos. Because let's face it, if mom doesn't feel beautiful in the photos, she won't buy or print the photo.

Finally, HOW the HECK do you prepare for a family photo shoot. You have the outfits, you have hair and make up done, NOW it is the day of the shoot and you need advice on how to prepare yourself and kids. This blog has helped so many people and made for some VERY successful photo sessions since it was written. Make sure to check it out even if you didn't book with us.

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