Winter ONEderland Cake Smash:: Columbus Ohio Children's Photographer

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Miss Hannah just completed her first year package! She came to us a year ago, and was my first newborn of 2018! Her newborn session was absolutely beautiful and she was a perfect little model for me. I can’t say she has changed much as her 6 month session was TO DIE FOR! She has always been a sweet, smiley baby!

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See how BEAUTIFUL her newborn session was??

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And here is a few images from her 6 month mini at Inniswood Metro Gardens!

When Hannah’s mom and I began discussing her 12 month session in December, we decided to go with the theme “Winter ONEderland”. As luck would have it, my FAVORITE cake lady announced her retirement effective January 1, and our session was January 7th.

Well, my little secret passion is baking. Now, I can’t make a cookie, but cakes? That’s a recent obsession and Hannah’s mom told me to give it a go! I was able to create a fun little cake and match it near perfectly to her one year outfit! We used the most perfect wintery background we had in the studio and I collected up all of my little Christmas tree decorations to make the most perfect setup!

Now, this girl was READY for her cake. She dove right in! At first, she was just picking at it, but once she realized she could knock it off the stand, it was game on. She loved smooshing it all over the floors and herself!

If you’re interested in booking a cake smash, or want more information on our babies first year package, contact us here and set up a consultation! I love doing cake smash sessions and customizing them to your preferences!

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Sweet Baby Belle :: Newborn Photographer Columbus, Ohio

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This is Belle, she was named after mom’s favorite Disney princess.

As a boy mom (3 boys!!) I get super excited for newborn girls. I love everything girly, like making headbands and pink and frilly things. It’s a nice change from everything Fortnite, minecraft, football and MUDDY.

So, when Belle’s mom told me she wanted creams, whites and pinks as the main color, I got a tad giddy. Plus, anytime I can use my favorite floral romper is a total bonus for me! I love floral prints!

Also, can I tell you how WONDERFUL she was for her newborn session? It was like she knew it was showtime, and slept like a rock for her entire posed session. She woke up briefly for her pictures with mom and dad and knocked right back out for her prop pictures. She knew it was her modeling debut and she needed to preform to the highest standard.

Check out some of the beautiful images from her session below!

If you’re interested in getting information on a newborn session, Contact Us Here

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Natural Cake Smash Session:: Columbus Ohio Children's Photographer.

I LOVE cake smash sessions!!

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They are such a fun way to celebrate the first year of your babies life. You can be so creative with your session, choosing any color, theme or style of cake!

Emerson just had his cake smash session, and we decided to keep it pretty neutral! I had done my son, Conner’s, cake smash all natural, with a naked cake on cream. When I showed it to Emerson’s parents, they told me to go wild with creativity! So I added a few elements to E’s session that I wish I had with Conner’s. A few more natural wood props, some more green and the mocha colored paper, instead of cream.

I LOVED IT. And Emerson came ready to smash his cake. His parents said he wasn’t overly into his birthday cake, so they weren’t expecting much. I will tell you, he DEMOLISHED his cake and shared some with daddy! His three tier cake was a pile of crumbs when he was finished, and we even had to stop him from “painting” my studio in butter cream!

I will say, his outfit was a tad too small, and dad kept calling him Burt Reynolds the entire shoot!

If you’re undecided on booking a cake smash, definitely check out these photos and contact us so we can help you setup your customized session! The more creative, the better!

I’m secretly dying to do an 80’s themed cake smash, complete with rubix cube cake. Hint, hint.

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January Rainbow Baby ::Newborn Photographer Columbus, Ohio::

Meet Karmyn!

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How cute is she? Karmyn is the daughter of my cousin, Stacey. She could not have joined our family at a more perfect time! This summer, Stacey’s mom, Michelle, passed away unexpectedly and broke our families heart. It’s been hard watching my cousins grieve her loss, and go through life without their mother.

Not only did Stacey suffer a miscarriage during Christmas, she now had to face her second pregnancy without her mothers advice and support.

However, being the strong young lady Stacey is, she pushed through and welcomed her sweet little girl just shy of a year after the loss of her first pregnancy.

We decided to honor Michelle’s life with a pretty purple heart (Michelle’s favorite color) from Three In The Nest, and used a beautiful rainbow wrap from Chicaboo.

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Miss Karmyn was PERFECT for her session! I jokingly kept telling Stacey I was going to keep her forever because of how wonderful she was! Here are a few more images from her session, and Stacey’s story in her own words.

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Stacey’s Story

It was the middle of December 2017 when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I had just gotten done getting my hair cut when I realized my period was a few days late. I went home and decided to take a pregnancy test. That’s when I saw the two little lines. I freaked out with excitement and video called my best friend on Facebook. We both started crying with joy. I was extremely nervous to tell my fiancé because we weren’t trying. I called him since he was also out getting his hair cut, and frantically asked if he was on his way home yet. He kept asking me what’s wrong what’s wrong and I would just say please come home. I sat on the sofa waiting for him and he came threw the door and asked me what? I said promise not to be mad? He said I promise what is it? And I handed him the pregnancy test. He hugged me and said why would I ever be mad over this? He loved the fact he was going to be a father. Then Christmas Eve came around not long after and I woke up bleeding. I woke Austin up and told him we needed to go to the hospital that something was wrong. We get there and they said that I’m not pregnant that I’m just getting my period. I told them to test me again that I am pregnant and that something is wrong. They did a blood test and they told me that I am actually pregnant, that my hcg levels were dropping. They told me that since my blood type was A- that my blood type fights baby’s with a positive blood type and that sometimes first pregnancy’s don’t make it but the second ones normally do. They did a exam and said the baby hasn’t passed yet so it may have a chance. We went home and spent Christmas Eve with all the family. Next day on Christmas I felt even worse so we went back to the er, the baby was gone. It broke me and Austin. But we wanted a baby so bad now so we had to try again. Then my birthday came around in April and we had friends over to celebrate. Austin said “you should go take a pregnancy test” I said “it’s to early, I don’t think I could be anyways”. He said “just take one.” So I went to the bathroom and took one. And I saw the faintest second line. I didn’t believe it. I thought maybe I’m just seeing things because I want it to be there so bad. So I took a digital. When I saw pregnant on that screen I couldn’t stop crying. I walked out to the living room to show Austin and my best friend. The same one I called with the first baby. Austin gave me a huge hug. We were overwhelmed with joy. I then called my mother. She screamed with excitement! I called my mother almost every day. We had a conversation about what I would name the baby. I told her me and Austin finally agreed on a girl name. That we would name her Carmen. My mom said “let’s make it unique! Let’s spell it Karmyn”. I told her i liked it. She asked me “so what about a middle name?” I said we didn’t know yet. She jokingly said “well what about something with a m? Hmmm. Something like Michelle” (Michelle’s my mother’s name). I told her haha very funny mom. Little did I know that my mom would pass away when I was 14 weeks pregnant. So you win mom, because December 18th, 2018, at 3:36am, I had a beautiful little girl. And her name is Karmyn Michelle Comer.

Baby Maggie: Newborn Photographer in Columbus, Ohio

One of Columbus Ohio’s Best newborn photographers shares one of her recent newborn sessions with a beautiful baby girl in her studio. With creams, browns, and rose pinks, these photos are soft and sweet…just like baby Maggie.

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Olivia's Senior Photos:: Columbus Ohio High School Senior Photographer

Olivia is one of our 2018 Senior Models. She is the wonderful fingers behind our Instagram site, and has been doing a STELLAR JOB!!!!

When you are one of our Model Representatives, there are tons of fun perks that come with it!!! We have group shots in unique locations, we hire them to run our social media pages, they get to come behind the scenes of some of our senior photo shoots to take behind the scenes video, and get PAID to do it!!

Each friend they refer to us earn them extra cash and free prints.  

Olivia has been a wonderful addition to our company. She is fun, outgoing, and loves her friends and people in general. She is a Softball player at Olentangy, and has one stellar sense of style.

We did mini shoots with Olivia, including a fun session in the Scioto Mile fountains, and a hipster style photo shoot in front of a big graffiti wall near downtown Columbus, Ohio which ended up looking like photos right out of a H&M catalog! 

Then later in the fall of her senior year, we shot Olivia's full photo shoot all around different locations near Powell, Ohio. We stumbled on an old truck, headed out to the woods, hung out in an open field, and captured some AMAZINGLY beautiful photos.  We also had a fun time capturing some unique softball images. Mixing up lighting, looks,  and fun poses with her softball gear....including a bit of powder fun.

We will truly miss Olivia when she graduates and heads off to college. And we wish her the best in all of her future endeavors.

If you are interested in being a senior model for 2019 graduating class, or even the 2020 graduating class, feel free to contact us and we would love to meet with you!!

Harper Jewel Rainbow Newborn Session: Gahanna, Ohio Newborn Photographer

As Promised, I would share Erin and Nate’s BEAUTIFUL girl’s story here. This is from her mom:-)

“I married my husband Nate, in June 2014. I couldn’t be happier to marry the love of my life and start a family, something I’ve dreamed of for as long as I can remember. My tall, handsome husband, and our 2 children! After a year of marriage, I still wasn’t pregnant, so I went to my doctor. She started tests. Let me tell you, test after test, after test really make you feel amazingly self conscious. You pray they figure out why you can’t get pregnant, but you pray that nothing is wrong. After countless tests, I was diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. That’s quite possibly the worst diagnosis….because they don’t know what’s causing it, if anything! We tried for 3 more years, I went to acupuncture twice a week, hormones that failed for 8 months…mood swings, hot flashes, LOTS of tears!

I bought our first home in October 2017, the week before closing I found out I was finally pregnant! I decided to wait until after we closed on our home to tell my husband, so I gave him a “house warming” gift! We were thrilled! We were finally going to have a family! I remember going to my first doctor’s appointment at 6 weeks. There was no heartbeat, but they assured me that some people don’t have a heartbeat until 8 weeks, everything looked ok. They scheduled a follow-up for 2 weeks. I went back at 8 weeks, to be told I was showing the pregnancy progressed, but I was only 6 weeks 2 days. They had me do more blood work to make sure my #s were doubling as they should…they were…so they schedule another appointment the following week for another ultrasound. That appointment we showed 6 weeks, 3 days – I should have been 11 weeks…still no heartbeat! At this point I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but they told me to come back in 1 more week to check the progression. I got in my car and I cried and cried! I text my husband, trying not to alarm him, and let him know we had one more ultrasound that following week. Nate went with me on this one – I should have been 12 weeks. I had prayed, I asked for prayers, I begged and pleaded to let this baby catch up quick! We walked into the cold office for our Ultrasound – and in a matter of minutes our dreams were ripped from us. I remember the Ultrasound tech didn’t even put the US up on the TV and within 30 seconds she said “I don’t want to be the one to tell you this, but your pregnancy isn’t viable. Get dressed and Dr. Mini will be in to talk to you.” We moved to the next room….and everything is a blurr for me – I remember just blankly staring out the window, eyes filled with tears, my husband asking hundreds of questions. Dr. Mini and my husband hugged me at least 50 times….but I was numb. My doctor gave me several options, but suggested a D&C….she thought it would help me get pregnant faster, since my body has held onto this pregnancy and we had not miscarried naturally yet. December 5, we went in. I asked for one more ultrasound, in hopes that we would finally find the heartbeat I hoped for….nothing.

The next month and a half were so hard. I cried a lot, was angry, an emotional MESS! We kept trying, I kept praying, thousands of people prayed of us! In March 2018, I realized I was a few days “late” so I went upstairs around 6pm and took a test….to my shock it was POSITIVE!!! Cue the flood of emotions – excitement, fear, anxiety. I didn’t tell my husband, I was afraid that this wasn’t real. I called my doctor the next morning, she sent me for a blood test – my #s were through the roof! They made the appointment for my ultrasound, and I went home that night and surprised my husband. He couldn’t believe it, but he had the same mixed emotions as I did – we were so afraid! It was such a relief at 6 weeks we went in for our ultrasound and we had a very STRONG heartbeat!!

November 5, 2018 at 6:20pm, we welcomed our beautiful rainbow baby – Harper Jewel Sepetauc – into our lives! She is our light, our world!!! “

If you would like to nominate someone for the Rainbow Baby Project, Contact us here and tell us their (or your) story.

Rainbow Baby Maternity Photos:: Columbus, Ohio Maternity Photography Studio

The Definition of a Rainbow Baby is:

"The understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it doesn't mean the storm never happened, the family is not still dealing with the aftermath. What it means is that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and clouds. Storm clouds may still hover, but the rainbow provides a counterbalance of color, energy, and hope."

Beautiful newborn Rainbow session in Columbus, Ohio.

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