Extended Family Photo Session:: Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer

Family is SOOOO important. It is what gives meaning to life, it is what drives us to be better people, it is the legacy that we leave behind. My dad comes from a HUGE family (think 13 sets of aunts and uncles, and over 53 first cousins). My mom has 1 brother and sister, and I have 4 cousins from this side of the family. However, both sides of my family mean the WORLD to me. I look forward to family get togethers, reunions, weddings, etc. It is SOOO important to me to stay close to my family, and I am raising my children to feel the same way. So it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when clients get a hold of me to capture their extended family.  I get so excited to interact and observe the family dynamics. I love seeing the cousins play, the siblings laugh and tease each other, and the parents look upon all that they have created with love and pride. It is truly an amazing experience when you get 3 or more generations into a room and I am blessed to be a chosen to capture some of these instances. 



When the R family contacted me, they explained they had a small window that all 18 people would be in one place at one time. They recently had a new addition join their family, and wanted to capture the family in its entirety.  

18 people is a lot. Our studio is large, but 18 people no regular backdrop will hold that many people. We also had the challenge of finding an indoor location for this event, because with 10 children, in December, we didn't want to risk it being too cold to capture outdoor photos, and then not have a back up location. I called around, and secured the perfect location for us, and THANK GOD I did, because it was around 9 degrees the morning of our session. Also, the location was perfect because it was open, empty, and FULL of light! It allowed for the 10 children to run around and not worry about breaking anything, and the parents didn't have to watch them the whole time. 


We spent about 2 hours capturing all the different combinations of kids, families, couples, and individuals. It was so much fun, and I look forward to the next large family photo session I am blessed to be a part of.