The Importance of Professional Hair and Makeup for Photo Sessions:: Columbus Ohio Photographer

I get this question a LOT. "Why should I pay for professional hair and makeup when I can do it myself. There are a few answers to this question, and I am sure only one would be convincing enough, but I am going to go into detail of all four of my reasons.



#1 Reason to get professional hair and makeup:

 You will feel amazing and your confidence will shine through in the photos. I will use my own personal experience for this one. I am a heavier girl. I am also a photographer, so both of these reasons mean I HATE being in front of the camera. I am not the best at doing my own hair or make up. I feel I do an OK job for day to day, but i need that extra boost of confidence when I get in front of the camera. I will also tend to LIKE the photo is my face looks better in the matter what I think my body looks like at that time.



Photo credit to Stephanie's Creations Photography

 Not only did the professional hair and makeup make me feel beautiful, but it made me a lot more confident being in front of the camera. I will never have my photos taken again without it!!!


#2 Reason for professional hair and makeup

 You don't risk the shiny face.

 A lot of over the counter make-up (including the expensive brands) contain SPF that will cause shine on your face. It is most noticeable under studio lighting. When a professional make-up artist is hired, they know what products work best to battle this. 



In this image you can see the subtle highlights of the lights, but no GLARING shiny spots. 


#3 Reason for professional hair and make-up

 Less photo shop. I know, I know, this seems like it would benefit me more so than the client, but it benefits both of us!! First, less time in photo shop means quicker turn around time, and no extra charges for in depth editing (above and beyond what I typically include). And doesn't it feel better knowing that this is YOU, not some photo shopped version of you?!?!?!








 #4 Reason for professional hair and makeup

 Sessions can last a while....up to a few hours. You need something that will hold up from start to finish. Professional products are made to withstand long hours, sweat, tears, etc. It is not just for weddings anymore!! I take my maternity sessions, my family sessions, and my high school senior sessions outside, and the elements aren't always in our favor. Wind, sprinkles, and heat can cause regular makeup to come off, and hair to go flat. If the extra money is invested in hair and makeup, your hair and makeup should last longer through the session. Making you feel and look just as beautiful at the end as you did at the beginning. You could also hire a make up artist to follow along on the session. WHY? Because then you get different looks through the session on the same day!! How fun?!?!?


Now the BIG question!!! Do I offer this service? OF COURSE I DO! I have one of the most amazing hair and makeup artists in Columbus, if not OHIO!! :-) Leigh Anne from Make You, LLC is AMAZING. She is fun to work with, and does an beautiful job on my clients. 


I would love for you to use Leigh Anne, but if she isn't available, or out of your price range, there are so many other great artists to go to. I hope this shows you the benefits of professional hair and makeup for your photography session.