Rainbow Baby Project, April Maternity Session: Columbus, Ohio Maternity Photographer

This post comes on the BIRTHDAY of this precious baby girl!!! They welcomed their beautiful rainbow girl into the world this morning, and we know their hearts are just full of joy!! 

When we started The Rainbow Baby Project, I knew we would have some amazing stories, and our hearts as photographers would be filled with joy, but I could not begin to predict how much joy and happiness these sessions would bring into our studio. I am truly blessed to be able to donate these sessions to special families! So make sure to nominate your friends and family (or even yourself) if expecting a rainbow baby!! 

Without Further ado, I present the Blamers (Scroll down to read their heartbreaking story after viewing their pictures of hope:-) 

My name is liz blamer, my husband and I have been together since May 22, 2004 we knew after graduating high school and moving out on our own we wanted kids, I had knew ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be a mom, I was always baby sitting helping my mom, always putting myself around kids, I didn’t realize then that god had other plans for me. I never thought I would struggle to get a baby, my husband and I met in high school and married right out of highschool got our first house and knew then we wanted a baby. We had just gotten married and we were so excited to start our life... a couple months in and I had to pee on the stick and two pink lines had appeared we were so excited and couldn't imagine what it was going to be like to bring a beautiful human into this world well a couple weeks went by and I had some spotting I had never experienced pregnancy or did I know if this was a good thing or a bad thing but I just had an off feeling so my husband and I decided it was time to go to the ER we get there and we are going through multiple tests and no one would tell us anything we just kept getting all these looks like everyone felt bad for us... so we finally get to see the doctor and he says "we believe this pregnancy is in your tubes you can have surgery and you will loose your tube or you can take a shot to get rid of your pregnancy" by this time we had no clue what a tubular pregnancy was and no clue what we should do so we both decide to save my tube and we take the shot. Then they tell me I have to go get my blood drawn every week to make sure the hormone levels have dropped and the pregnancy was gone. This was the worst experience I have ever been through knowing there is nothing you can do to save the pregnancy and having to go every week to be reminded of what happened. It was difficult and hard but my husband and I made it through. We had started trying again and hoped that god had a plan for us and he sure did we just didn’t realize how long our journey was going to be. I had been through months of different gynecologist thinking someone else would fix this. I had went through years with chlomid. It was many years later we got another two lines because of my past tubular they wanted to see me ASAP so we went in they were sure this was a good pregnancy. After weeks of ultrasounds turned out it was in my tubes the last ultrasound my mom and my husband sitting there with me the tech said “I’m going to check something really quick” and the one thing I remember is the sonogram tech saying “you can plug your ears if you want” I decided not to we heard the heartbeat the heartbeat that could of been our baby but it was in my tubes I look over and my husband is balling. I had never seen him cry like he did that day and then he asks “can you move it to the right spot” the tech responds with “I wish it was that easy” so we had to make another decision I had to get two shots this time I had to follow my levels I had to pass this baby. We got the okay to start trying again. We had seen the two lines again well a couple weeks later I had a miscarriage, we were then clear to try again finally I went to the last gynecologist and she was the third one to tell me it was time to see an infertility specialist we started that in October of 2016 and went through multiple procedures. I had started my first shot ever it's called a trigger shot, the name of it is pregnyl it's a hormone that consists of a freeze-dried powder for injection. The active ingredient [human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG)] which is obtained from the urine of pregnant women, has luteinizing hormone (LH) there is a little insert from google, so I'm scared to death to do this shot, I have one ultra sound a month to see what my follicles look like which are what releases the egg if they think the follicles need a couple more days to grow they will tell me to wait for the shot so the shot comes with a powder and a water and it comes with a drawing needle which is huge but then you switch out to your other needle. These were hard but things got harder. l was then moved to shots daily, these shots are called follitism they were taken every day of my period to increase my egg count, they came with a pen to administer the shot. We did this for five months we were only our final iui procedure which is what we have been doing since the beginning and decided if this final iui didn’t take it was time for Ivf. I went through our normal pregnancy test check two weeks after my iui procedure I got the positive pregnancy test and I just wanted everything to be alright I wanted this more then anything I also had changed from gummy prenatals to natural pill prenatals I had also started praying for a healthy womb and eggs rather then just praying to get pregnant. We got our miracle baby and our rainbow baby it might have taken us 10 years but we got her and we are so in love and thankful.

This might not be some of the worst things you have ever heard but your never know what anyone is going through you never know what it’s like until your there, I’m thankful for our experience our chance to grow stronger together as a family as a couple, my husband and I our a team that has fought a tough battle, but if there is any advice I can give anyone it’s to always be open and talk about it, I never felt so good until I started opening up to people and explaining why we still didn’t have any kids after being together for so long. I thank god every day and I feel like we are living proof that God does answer prayers.