Top Five Accessories to Bring on Your Senior Photo Session:: Columbus Ohio Photographer

"What do I do with my hands?"


One of the most asked questions at our high school senior photo shoots. Well, we have the PERFECT solution. Accessories!!! Not only do accessories help enhance outfits, and add interest to photos, but they give you a natural thing to do with your hands so you don't feel so awkward. Here are some of our top accessories we suggest our high school senior girls bring along with them on their photo shoots.


1. Sunglasses

Not only do sunglasses add an extra look to the gallery, but they also are there to use as a prop to play with. You can put them on your head while holding them, flirt with while holding the glasses up to your mouth, tipping them down to flirt over the top of them, etc. These are great for both girl AND boy high school seniors. You can see how these seniors utilized their sunglasses to add interest to the photo, change up the poses, and gave them something to do with their hands. 



 2. Hats

 Hats are so much fun!! Now, not EVERYONE can pull off, but with the right outfit and person, they can be a lot of fun to play with in photos! These high school seniors ROCKED their hats during their sessions. 



 3. Sporting Equipment/ Hobby items

We LOVE to incorporate a high school senior's hobbies into their shoot. We have used cars, sporting equipment to represent their favorite sport, headphones, piano music sheets, books....if it is hobby, we have a way of incorporating it. It is also a great way to give natural/candid looks to some of the photos in the gallery, mixed in with the posed shots. 

Here are a few examples of hobbies and sports being utilized in a senior photo session.



 4. Hoodies and Jackets

Hoodies and jackets are great for two reasons. First, they give two different looks without having to do a full outfit change. Also, they are great for having different hand placement for photos. Hands can go in the pockets, around the hood, or even to pop the collar. I personally LOVE when high school seniors wear layers we can interact with in their photos.




5. Scarves

 I have yet to see a senior boy bring a scarf to a session, so this probably pertains mainly to our senior girl population, but scarves can be a fun accessory.  These are typically going to be with our fall senior photo sessions, but scarves with spring colors can easily be incorporated into spring and summer sessions as well. 



This is just a short list of many accessories that can be added to a senior photo shoot to add interest and something to do with the hands. I encourage all seniors to bring things that will represent their personalities and style so they can shine through in their final photo gallery.

But don’t worry, even if you don’t have anything, we can always find things in nature to add to your images:-)