Caroline Maternity Session: A Rainbow Baby Session

I am WAAAYYYYY behind in blogging some of my favorite sessions. This particular session was VERY special. Caroline and Wes were one of my bride and grooms. They had a BEAUTIFUL wedding, which I will have to blog here on our new website, since I have yet to blog ANY weddings on this site. LOL. Shortly after their wedding, Caroline contacted me with the great news they were expecting their first child. I was ECSTATIC for them, and we were already planning her maternity session.

Shortly after we celebrated the news of her pregnancy, she messaged me with devastating news……her son, Larkin passed away due to a rare infection. I cried for her. I cried for the baby she would not get to take home. I cried for the journey she and Wes were starting….living a life that you now know…..BABIES DIE.

Almost exactly 1 yr later…the ray of hope I was praying so hard for them happened…..Caroline reached out to me to let me know that they were expecting their rainbow baby!!!! Their light after the storm! I couldn’t be more pleased!!!! And had the PERFECT idea for her: She could be our July Rainbow Baby Project mom! They live in Kansas, so they would only be in town for a short period of time. We prayed for good weather, and our prayers were answered. She modeled a few of our new maternity dresses for our wardrobe catalog, which I was VERY grateful for! The love and anticipation that was captured in her photos was my favorite part of this whole session.

Conrad is now 5 months old, and makes his mommy and daddy so happy. He has not negated the ravages of the storm that was Larkin’s death, but he has helped heal a part of their hearts. He has brought the joy and light into their lives that a rainbow does.