Devin Senior Portraits: Columbus, Ohio Photographer

Senior boys.....oh how I have a love hate relationship with them. I LOVE to photograph senior boys. They are typically more laid back, go with the flow, and relaxed......IF you can get them in front of the camera!! However, typically it takes lots of persuading, begging and even probably a bit of bribery from their parents to get them in front of the lens.  Throw in the challenge of scheduling around a busy high school schedule, and it can be hard to even get the time to capture them.

Devin is one of those VERY busy seniors. Work, social activities, family time....he was hard to nail down a time to shoot. HOWEVER, when we finally got the chance to meet downtown Columbus, Ohio, WE MADE MAGIC!! He was SUCH a natural in front of the camera. His laid back personality, great sense of style, and his KILLER smile made it easy for me to capture some fantastic moments. 

This shoot was a little more extra special for me.  I photographed Devin's Family in the infancy of my photography business!! OBVIOUSLY I have come a LOOOONNNNGGGG way since then, but His mom, Lisa, still cherishes these photos more than anything! (By the way Lisa, we REALLY need to update these before Devin leaves for college). But LOOK at this picture of Devin back then!! Almost exactly 5 yrs before his senior photo shoot. TIME FLIES! 

This is a GREAT example of why it is so important to cherish and capture all the moments you can. Photographs will last a life time. So I don't care if it is with a cell phone, or actually scheduling a professional photo shoot, CAPTURE THOSE MOMENTS. Because they are gone in a blink of an eye!!

Thank you Lisa and Devin for entrusting me all these years to capturing YOUR memories. CONGRATS on your upcoming graduation Devin!!

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